Growth in the 21st century has to be a team sport.

Skillandia is an easy-to-use team selling app for sales & customer care teams in companies of all sizes, globally.

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Strong brands & retail/franchise networks with retail salesforce and customer teams who appreciate simplicity & agility how Skillandia helps them sell more faster, and acquire or retain customers with best practices.

Sales pains we solve

Fast & constant changes

Teams need to be continuously updated & fully competent to work effectively.

Teamleaders need to:

  • Inform teams about news daily & weekly
  • Verify that team learned new info, feedback & discussions

Limited team sharing

People create techniques & best practices but they typically don’t share them spontaneously to whole team.

Teamleaders need to:

  • Set up regular sharing that can be measured & rewarded
  • Spread best practices digitally to learn & apply quickly

Product Features

Fast & easy sales content sharing

Quests and challenges builder

Team discussion

Nudging & notifications

Mobile & desktop version

Easy admin functions

Secure data storage at Amazon

Coming Soon

Goal and KPIs tracker

Team chat

Team notes & files repository

Likes, rewards & badges

We serve two global segments

Retail brands

With internal or external salesforce, customer care & call centre teams organised in smaller & often remote units who need to be updated, learn & share new knowledge constantly.

Small & medium enterprises

Small retailers, franchisees, MLM networks, financial advisors, coffee shops, restaurants, service shops, hospitality - all small companies with typically deskless, mobile and often distributed salesforce and customer care staff/teams.

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